"Homestead," by Jane Kirkpatrick

"Homestead," by Jane Kirkpatrick

This book draws you into the world of modern homesteading, when Jane and her husband purchase "Starvation Point," in Eastern Oregon and begin to create a home and farm out of the land.

She takes you through the trials and tribulations they experience trying to make it happen; and believe me there are some trials that would make a weaker person throw their hands up in the air and walk away from it all.

What they go through just to get a telephone line to the property would make me want to pull out.  Never mind the 7 mile "road," fondly called "the reptile road," which they have to travel to get to the property from the "main road."

Everything we take for granted, like water and electricity was a journey and a trial just to get it hooked up.  Never mind all the wildlife that they encounter along the way, especially the snakes.....icky!!!

All along the book is a strong bond with God and one another that keep them going.  The book is divided into four parts and I must admit the first three parts kept me enthralled, however I found my mind wandering with the fourth part as it wasn't as interesting as the first three parts.

Although we do not live in the same circumstances as Jane and her husband I did have moments when I thought, "Yep been there and done that," as all the jobs around this place seems like two sets forward and one step back!!!

Stars out of 5:4 Loved it, just a shame that last part of the book wasn't as interesting.  If you would love to homestead but know it won't ever happen, why not read this book and homestead with Jane and her husband. 

Footnote: Jane and her husband moved from Starvation Point back to a place near Bend, Oregon in 2010, after 30 odd years there.


  1. since I'm bedridden from my surgery until august, I am reading more and more...reading JJ Herberts Conventional right now...this book sounds very interesting...I read Dean Koontz's A Big Little Life about his beloved Golden Retriever, Trixi...it was wonderful...will add your new blog to my list, Gill, hope all is well

  2. I have read one or two books by her...and I liked them but never went back for more. Now this makes me want to read this one for sure.

  3. Sounds like a good book! Can I ask you to possibly email me, Gill? :) Just have a quick question!

  4. Gill,
    I'm going to go back and look at some of the books you have read because you did a book review on "The Discovery" by Dan Walsh which I'm reading right now and really can't put it down. What a lovely love story in a war time setting I can't wait to see how it ends.
    This review of the above mention book may also be right up my alley
    because when we moved here we were still on a party line.


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