Saturday, December 29, 2018

"I'd Rather Be Reading," by Anne Bogel

"I'd Rather Be Reading," by Anne Bogel

Reading isn't just a way to pass the time--it's a lifestyle. Books shape, define, and enchant us. They are part of who we are and we can't imagine life without them. In this collection of charming and relatable reflections, beloved blogger and author Anne Bogel leads you to remember the book that first hooked you, the place where you first fell in love with reading, and all the books and moments afterward that helped make you the reader you are today. 

If you're looking for a gift for someone who loves to read, this book is the perfect gift for them.  If you love to read, this book is a must read for you.   This book will remind us why we love reading; it will make you remember things from your life that's connected to books.  This book will make you think about why you read and how reading connects with the rest of your life.

I personally found that each chapter I read; I could relate to what Anne was telling us.  When she talked about libraries; I too remembered about the times I used to go to the library.  I rarely go now; something I need to remedy.  When she talked about reading to your children, I remembered those times, and how I love to read to my grandchildren now.

Stars out of 5 : 5 A great little book, well worth reading, and well worth gifting to a fellow reader.

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  1. I listen to Anne's podcast and enjoy her recommendations. I wasn't sure if the book would offer more than the podcast already does. I agree that it will make a nice gift for a fellow reader.
    Happy New Year!


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