Thursday, May 21, 2015

"The Color of Tea," by Hannah Tunnicliffe

"The Color of Tea," by Hannah Tunnicliffe
After moving with her husband to the tiny, bustling island of Macau, Grace Miller finds herself a stranger in a foreign land—a lone redhead towering above the crowd on the busy Chinese streets. As she is forced to confront the devastating news of her infertility, Grace’s marriage is fraying and her dreams of family have been shattered. She resolves to do something bold, something her impetuous mother would do, and she turns to what she loves: baking and the pleasure of afternoon tea. 

Grace opens a cafĂ© where she serves tea, coffee, and macaroons—the delectable, delicate French cookies colored like precious stones—to the women of Macau. There, among fellow expatriates and locals alike, Grace carves out a new definition of home and family. But when her marriage reaches a crisis, secrets Grace thought she had buried long ago rise to the surface. Grace realizes it’s now or never to lay old ghosts to rest and to begin to trust herself. With each mug of coffee brewed, each cup of tea steeped and macaroon baked, Grace comes to learn that strength can be gleaned from the unlikeliest of places.

I wasn't 100% sure about this book, but thought you know it could be interesting.  This book was super,   It didn't suck me in right away, but the more you read the more involved you got with the characters.  

Grace was such a fragile person that you just want to help her rise up again.  Rilla and Gigi need Grace as much as Grace needs her and the Marjory character although different make a perfect part of the "team."

The letter's to Grace' mum, didn't really help the book to my mind, although I understand why they were put in there.  The only thing I was disappointed with in this book; there wasn't a recipe for macaroons.  After reading about the delicious flavours of macaroons, and the different types of tea and coffee, I really wanted to make some.  I could really visualize the cafe and it would have been a place I would want to visit everyday.

Stars out of 5 : 4  A solid book and one I am thinking of nominating for our book club.  If anyone has read it, let me know what you thought.

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