Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"A Journey from Corporate to Care," by Shannon Ingram

"A Journey from Corporate to Care," by Shannon Ingram

A heartwarming, humorous and enlightening story of a woman’s journey from the exciting, high-pressure world of corporate America to the quiet, humbling, angst-filled world of care giving for aging parents.

This was an interesting book on a subject that affects a lot of people in the world, looking after your aging parents.  What was interesting about this book was it also makes you think what you would do in the same position as the author.

The author had a very successful career and she gave it up (willingly) to look after her parents.  What happened after that was also interesting as she went through a whole gamut of emotions, almost in mourning for the loss of the her career.

This book makes you think about what would happen if you had to do what the author did.  It also makes you happy to know that your own parents are still capable of looking after themselves (in my case.)

Stars out of 5 : 4 I enjoyed Part One: The Heart Way, but found Part Two: From Corporate to Care not as interesting.  If you are in or are going to be in a position of having to care for aging parents this is a good book to read.  For everyone else, it gives you food for thought and is well worth the read.

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